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Once again, “those dogs”.

You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but every once in awhile, the shocked stare and the cold tone still smacks me in the face when I admit to pit bull ownership. Oh it shrugs off a whole … Continue reading

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The Vick Coverdogs

You may have seen it reported already. Bad Rap had the story on Tuesday. Pet Connection earlier today. But it’s worth repeating and repeating and yelling from the rooftops. Sports Illustrated, mass media itself, has put one of the surviving … Continue reading

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Get out of my face. Or: “He just wants to say hi” redux.

There’s a wonderful article up on Dogstar Daily about appropriate dog trail manners and all I have to say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. (And thank you to Marie for the link.) I’ve written before about how frustrating … Continue reading

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How you raise them.

I get a lot of people who, upon meeting my very friendly pit bulls, tell me knowingly that it’s “all in how you raise them”. I’m clearly not a thug. They don’t wear spiked collars or aggress at small children … Continue reading

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Earth-shattering news: “Ownership is everything”

A fascinating story out of Minnesota reveals that the dogs who are doing the most biting are mixed breed dogs. A review of records for the last three years fails to show a breed of dog that stands out as … Continue reading

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The Resilient Pit Bull

Tim Racer, co-founder of Bad Rap pit bull rescue in California, gave a fantastic interview on Cnn.com about the Vick dogs placed with Bad Rap and pit bulls in general. I love this. I love his emphasis that these dogs … Continue reading

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