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Testicle Phobia 2: Stay out of my dog’s pants.

I wrote on this subject last month but I’m revisiting it because I’m aggravated. And also because Dr. Khuly has an interesting post on the subject of men and their odd attachment to their dogs’ balls. But mostly? Because I’m … Continue reading

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Testicle phobia.

I accidentally created mild work drama awhile ago when I let it slip in front of the wrong person that I’m not neutering Steve at six months. This is bad. Suspect. How can I presume to work in a veterinary … Continue reading

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Fun in Pyometraville

We have had two dogs in two days at work with pyometras. A pyometra, or infected uterus, is a potentially life-threatening problem and one that can go undetected until the dog is really sick. The cure is an emergency spay … Continue reading

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Mandatory Spay/Neuter in North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas has become the next city to jump on the mandatory spay/neuter legislation bandwagon, a bandwagon almost as stupid, ineffective, and dangerous one as Breed Bans. It is, I’m sure, a well-meaning, uneducated, knee-jerk reaction to problems that … Continue reading

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