Family reunion!


Unfortunately, I hardly got a chance to see these pups other than our quick photo shoot (I managed three photos, and this is the only one in which everybody’s eyes are open). Our flyball tournament was tremendously hectic– set up and tear-down on its own was exhausting, plus all rest of the work that goes along with running one of these things. Steve ran on one team, I had to help with our club’s other two teams, plus I ran Steve’s mother on another team, which was… interesting and educational. Let’s just say the apple didn’t fall far from the crazy tree :)

I have so much to write about here and I just haven’t had the time– Steve’s first agility trial, for one. Hopefully I’ll get a chance tomorrow, since I took the day off work to recover from flyball. Steve has a rehab appointment scheduled. I wish I had one scheduled for myself….

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