Of all the things I’m glad I’m not

A pit bull would have to be at the top of the list.

And it breaks my heart.

Bad Rap’s recent blog post the high cost of being a victim is a punch to the gut. Another round of fight bust pit bulls, including 60 pups, out of North Carolina are soon to be slaughtered needlessly because they’re somehow inherently dangerous. “Re-training”? Too expensive. Too time-intensive. Nevermind that the rescues who work with fight bust dogs don’t actually do any re-training. They just select for sound temperaments and give the dogs the tools they need to exist in the world. Not any different than you’d do for any other under-socialized dogs and pups. We do it for puppy mill dogs, points out Luisa on Lassie Get Help. But not for these dogs. No.

Pit bulls are different. Dangerous. Ticking time bombs. The whole nine yards. Better off in a landfill somewhere than lounging on somebody’s couch leading a perfectly normal life because they are, in fact, perfectly normal dogs. And for crying out loud, so many of them are baby puppies. What’s to “re-train” in a baby puppy??

The reality, of course, that it has nothing to do with any of these dogs on an individual level. It doesn’t matter if they’re the coldest dogs on the planet, not interested in any type of aggression toward any man or beast. We’ve got this whole huge mythology grown up about them, our boogieman on the nightly news, that menacing landshark that may infiltrate some nice neighborhood under the guise of a “victim”, a “rescue”. These dogs cannot be trusted! Even worse than the regular pit bull on the street that we’re fighting so hard to exterminate, these dogs are the Proven enemy. It doesn’t matter how well they’re raised, how responsibly they’re owned. They’re vicious monsters and all they know is fighting. All that matters, when it comes down to it, is that we kill them before they kill us.

How did the world get so stupid?

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2 Responses to Of all the things I’m glad I’m not

  1. Trisha Rice says:

    I couldn’t agee more with these sentiments. I don’t understand their mentality at all. These poor animals are victimized twice. Second time by supposed resuers. How ironic.

  2. Ces says:

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